Mills' Mathematics Syllabus


Mills’ Mathematics Syllabus  2016 – 2017                

6th  Grade


Congratulations!  You have made it to 6th Grade!   Here is information about the class as well as what we will be studying throughout the course o `f the year.

Contact Information

Email:  (Preferred method of communication)

School   Phone Number:  205-379-3800  (Leave a message )



School Supplies:

Graphing Composition book


Agenda Book

Organizer ( plastic folders with pocket with a 3 ring binder  and loose leaf paper  or  5 star tablet   or   3 composition books with a paper folder  containing pockets )


Class Rules:                                                                                       

1.Be seated.

2.Copy assignments and/or tasks into the agenda book

3.Be Respectful:  Don’t insult or bother others.

4.Keep your hands to yourself.

5.Don’t take things that are not yours.

6.Follow the directions given by the teacher.


Behavior Accountability:

  • Strike System
  • If a violation is a Class III offense, these steps may be bypassed with a discipline referral or a trip straight to the office.




Praise (daily)

Tickets for candy or surprises

The joy of learning




Homework will be posted on the board for the day that it is to be turned in.


Each student is required to write all homework assignments in his/her agenda book daily.   If no homework is given for that day, the student should write , “None” in the Math section for homework.  Homework will be reviewed.  Your child is required to make revisions to problems not answered correctly.  In addition, it is important for the parent and child to review homework problems and/or corrections  at least two or three times a week.  Work (Math steps, procedures, algorithms, and/ or diagrams  and models) must be evident in order to receive credit for math work.


Make Up Work Policy:


If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain notes and missing work.   There will be a make up work folder for your class on the resource counter.  Students are to copy assignments from the date of his/her absence or get the assigned worksheet.  Jefferson County Board Policy allows 2 days to make up all missing work; otherwise the grade becomes a ‘0’.  Be responsible for getting your assignments in the event of an absence.  If you know of an absence ahead of time, please e-mail me and let me know so that I can create a packet of make up work for you.  Also, please check the the IMS website, Mills’ teacher page – for the calendar for assignments and quizzes/tests.






Grading Policy 2015-2016:


Standards Based Assessments – 75%

Classwork/Homework – 25%



Areas of Study for Math 6:

Unit 1:  Decimals and Operations w/Decimals

Unit 2:  Fractions and Operations w/ Fractions

Unit 3:  Expressions and Equations inc. CC Investigations 2

Unit 4:  Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Unit 5:  Two and Three Dimensional Shapes inc. CC Investigation 4

Unit 6:  How Likely Is it?

Unit 7:  Extending the Number System inc. CC Investigation 3



Areas of Study for Advanced Math 6:

Unit 1:  Decimals and Operations w/Decimals

Unit 2:  Fractions and Operations w/ Fractions

Unit 3:  Expressions and Equations inc. CC Investigation 2

Unit 4:  Ratios and Proportional Relationships inc. LTF – Road Trip

Unit 5:  Two and Three Dimensional Shapes inc. LTF – Fire Trucks, Sky Divers,…

               LTF – Are the Units for Area always square?

               CC Investigation 4

               LTF – Fill It Up Please Part I    

Unit 6:  How Likely Is It?

Unit 7:  Extending the Number System  Inc. CC Investigation 3 and the                          Coordinate Plane pgs. 31 - 40



Assessments will be given for each math standard in the form of:  written response, short answer, multiple choice and models.  Mastery for each standard is defined as greater than or equal 70%.



IMS has an excellent tutorial program.  Please call the school at 379-3800 to inquire about other tutorial days and times.   Mills’ math tutorials are on Wednesdays from 3:15 – 4:15 p.m. 


I hope that your child will enjoy his/her Math Journey this year in 6th Grade.   I am looking forward to having your child in my class and am expecting great things from him/her this year.  





Teonna Mills




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